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Positive Tickets in the News

Portland youths caught doing good things to get ticket – for a reward

Portland Press Herald (August 12, 2009)


“Everyone loves that Norman Rockwell image of kids and police officers interacting with genuine warmth, but it seldom happens, given the different worlds they occupy.  Portland's Public Health Division and Police Department are teaming up to change that, collaborating on a program to have officers "catch kids doing good."”


Catch kids doing things right!

Reclaiming Futures Blog (August 12, 2009)

“Positive Tickets are issued to youth by Police Officers for staying out of trouble or performing good deeds. The Positive Ticket is simply a coupon, voucher, token, or note, that has value for goods, services or some type of credit, acknowledgement or appreciation. The Positive Ticket is just the beginning of a multitude of proactive, intentional, positive activities that can transform communities and shift mindsets and attitudes.”


Missouri Juvenile Justice Association

2009 Summer-Fall Journal (Page 10)

(Article linked from Reclaiming Futures Blog)


substance abuse prevention

One Maine One Portland
Overdose Prevention Project
Portland Women’s Taskforce

Under the umbrella of Portland Prevention, our substance abuse prevention programs use an array of strategies to target populations, ranging from adolescents to adults, with the goal of empowering people to make choices that will ensure healthy and productive lives while providing options that help reduce the harm caused by drug use.

Our coalitions (One Maine One Portland, Overdose Prevention Project and Portland Women’s Task Force) focus on asset-based positive youth development, the prevention of fatal overdoses through education, support and outreach and improved access to treatment, recovery and support services for women struggling with addiction.

For more information or to schedule a workshop or staff training please call Ronni Katz at (207) 756-8116 or email rmk@portlandmaine.gov

Program Spotlight

The Positive Tickets Project

The City of Portland’s Police Department and Public Health Division have partnered together on an initiative called Positive Tickets. The Positive Tickets Project is an evidence-based program that uses an environmental approach to help build positive relationships between youth and law enforcement officers.

In this Program, young people are given positive "tickets" for doing things right. The tickets can be redeemed for fun activities and prizes that are donated by local merchants. Positive Tickets are issued to youth for staying out of trouble or performing good deeds. The ticket is the gateway to the youth/law enforcement relationship.

This contact provides the officer an opportunity to make a connection with the child, learn about his/her life, and develop a relationship that will hopefully last years.

The City of Richmond, British Columbia, Canada experienced an amazing 41 % reduction in their youth crime during the first three years of the project. Positive Tickets has been a major contributing factor.

Positive Tickets is built within the framework called Asset Building, also known as the 40 Developmental Assets. This framework, developed by the Search Institute of Minneapolis, identifies 40 critical factors for young people's growth and development. When drawn together, the assets offer a set of benchmarks for positive child and adolescent development. The assets clearly show important roles that families, schools, congregations, neighborhoods, youth organizations, and others in communities play in shaping young people's lives.

The Positive Tickets Project is currently implemented in many of Portland’s Public Schools as well as in the community.

For more information or to become a Positive Tickets sponsor, please contact Ronni Katz at (207) 756-8116 or rmk@portlandmaine.gov or Lt. Janine L. Roberts at (207) 874-8927 or jrob@portlandmaine.gov